PLANTHEON Trailer (Teuri Haarla & Ulu Braun) from Studio Ulu Braun on Vimeo.

Every body’s life is a private research-center of happiness, sorrow and pain.Our film presents Teuri’s one. Plantheon is an intimate and experimental portrait of the Finnish artist Teuri Haarla, and focuses on his wholistic methods dealing with infancy trauma and social pressures. The film accompanies him while building a tower, making his ego-melting rituals, reflecting religion and philosopy, keeping balance with family. “Lets just say that after childhood I needed some rest”. The film arose from the friendship between filmmaker Ulu Braun and Haarla, which allowed a spontaneous and artistic co-operation of documentation. We hope that these cumulative survival strategies, creativity and unusual methods of “Amateuri” can inspire others.

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60:01 min., HD, 16:9, Stereo, 2015

Music by Iro Haarla and Ulf Krokfors
Sound mix: Markus Heino
written & directed by Ulu Braun and Teuri Haarla
Camera: Ulu Braun
Produced by Ulu Braun and Teuri Haarla
Supported by Koneen säätiö
( . . .  but perhaps in some happy cases
this much of breaking is not necessary.) ““ In order to know yourself you have to surrender to your whole self.”“Lets just say that after childhood i needed some rest,
but now at best my life is biodrunken, and this means about:
“ To allow the spontaneous ego-melting on a regular basis.”
So, to allow in mind, a spontaneous fall, a kind of vertigo, it is, or
an involuntar return to mind’s central abyss, to the origo . . . Zero ( 0).Then soon follows:1) just normal family life,
2) house building & other works.
3)  And making art is also an important part.I won’t say this easy. It is not. But this kind of Amateurish breathing of this mind-body-unity seems to be, for this me, the only choise.

According to my life-long experiments in practice, i can say now:

That a healthy human mind or ego is not only “solid strong
and hard”,like the western psychology seems to claim,
but it has three states of existence i.e.
solid, liquid, and even vaporous. . .

And with my own mythological language I would say the same like this:

“ In my dissolved biodrunken state”
YOU suck this liquidized me in,
through your root
into your plant-like tower
into your plantheonic ur-figure
at moments
into your heart you rise me. “

And this is best  . . . what this human humus mind
as a dissolved “solution”, may experince. “

Or with more psychological language:

Thus is this clear to me, that in those so called “egoless states”
the ego does not disappear completely. Always, soon, it comes back.

So, when I was younger, in vain I was afraid that
” with these biodrunken ego-meltig spontaneously allowed
falling  excercises I will lose my mind completely!”

But, you see,  only in those melted diluted states
there happens involuntar healing in the oldest,
earliest, deepest layers of preverbal memory,
which is in the psycho-somatic flesh only,
in the innocent infantile body,
which is  the only ground
or rather an ab-ground-abyss,
which this house of mind has.

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